wei as the● chief scien
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● technical expe〓rts from acro〓ss the wor〓ld.Oculus, a ●famous VR equipme〓nt maker, was acq●uired by Facebo■ok in 2014. ◆Steve LaVal●l

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e started● working with Oculu■s VR in Sept●ember 2012, and has〓 been the chief s◆cientist of Oculus t●ill January 〓2015.He de


evelopme〓nt.He Gang, th

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ve◆loped head track■ing methods b●ased on in◆ertial mea〓surement uni○ts (IMUs) and comput■er vision,● led a tea●m of percept■ual psychologis●ts, and provided● solutions for virt■ual reality ◆calibration system a〓nd user exp〓erience co●mfort design.He i○s also a co●-inventor of Oc○ulus SDK

and helpe●d Oculus develo■p two core tech●nology patents〓.LaValle said ◆Huawei is a glo●bal business com〓pany, and China〓 a burgeoni〓ng VR/AR market◆."Our v

isions of the○ future closely ●align, which is○ that a holistic〓 approach to VR/●AR research◆ and product develo●pment is absolut〓ely necessa●ry, and must tightly◆ integrate ■hardware, soft〓ware, human per◆c

eption, and neu●roscience,"◆ said LaValle.La●Valle also share■d a photo on〓 his Facebook● page in which 〓he is wearing ◆Huawei's uniform.Hu■awei Consumer BG ●CEO Yu Chengdon〓g also confir■med that La●Valle will join Huaw〓ei. Yu said he i〓nterviewed ○LaVall

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e in■ person.Hua■wei Technolo○gies Co Ltd, ○one of the world's l○argest telecom

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eq●uipment makers,〓 said on F■riday it e●xpects to recor●d a 32 pe

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rcen●t jump in r●evenue for 2016◆, thanks to a● strong performanc○e across it

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